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About Anita


At the age of 9-years-old, I realized that I was blessed with a wonderful gift. My gift finally came to its fruition when I decided to openly share it with others. While contemplating my next steps, I collected information and continued to educate myself. After working in the corporate world for many years, in addition to graduating college as an adult with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, I decided that it was time to fully open the doors to this spiritual world. I have not looked back since then. Well, except to laugh at myself for trying to take credit for knowing certain information.

I am a natural born psychic medium who is clairvoyant (see), clairaudient (hear), clairsentience (feel) and claircognizance (know). Some of these gifts are stronger than others. What does this mean for you? I can see, hear, feel or know your past, present, and future. This is triggered when I receive your first name upon making the appointment and then again when you ask me questions during your session. Being a medium means that I can connect with those on the other side. Sometimes they need a little push to come forward, but they usually warm up.

Most importantly, I am an energy healer. I trust wholeheartedly and have learned to open myself up to the PURE WHITE LIGHT ENERGY / CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS. I allow my body to be a vessel for healing energies and frequencies that I cannot humanly explain. This energy is pushed through my body and out of my hands (no touching involved) to the client on the healing table. Each session is different because each client is different. Besides the energy working through me, I use tools such as singing bowls, tuning forks, essential oils, stones, crystals, pyramids, and music.  The healing works on emotions, physical ailments, spiritual blockages, past life karma, low vibration attachments, addictions and much more. This is not a magical pill. I do not hand out unicorns and rainbows. This takes time and it also takes dedication on your part. I am not a doctor, I am a spiritual healer. Therefore, you will need to open up your spirit for these healings to have an impact.

I do all of my work with the highest level of integrity. I will never judge you!!  Well, at least not during a session. Just kidding. I am not here to say you are good or bad. I am here to help you move forward to be THE PERSON YOU WERE SENT HERE TO BE; to give you the tools to be your best self.  I can and will be serious, but I want this to be a fun, healing and enjoyable experience for you.


Who Am I?

I am a vessel for healing in this time and space.


What Do I Stand for?




BS in Psychology, Ordained Minister